Hip Pain

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Hip Pain

The hip is a weight bearing joint and everything above the waistline is must be supported by the hips. A lot of us forget this simple fact but when you think about it it’s amazing that most people do not suffer more hip pain. When we are active, all of our weight bearing joints are hit with extra stress and strain. With some activities the body must endure excessive force on the joints and injury often occurs. Our bodies are built for this but any structural imbalance can cause problems if not treated properly.Hip Pain

For many, it is the structural imbalance which makes them prone to hip, lower back, knee, ankle and foot pain. Often these are a result of poor posture over time or injury. For instance if for some reason you suffer from a “fallen hip”, even though both hips are theoretically carrying the same amount of load, one may hurt because it is no longer aligned with the other. Also, it is not uncommon for people to have a misaligned foot or one leg slightly shorter than the other. With the hip things start from the bottom up and believe it or not a minor foot condition can lead to major hip pain.

Our feet support us much like the foundation of a home. If the foundation is not built properly the house may lean or suffer progressive structural damage over time. In this regard, the foundation is really the most important part of the home. If it isn’t right nothing will be. The same holds true with our bodies and structurally our feet may be they most important part of our bodies when it comes pain free activity. Any foot condition can cause pain up through the ankle, knee, hip and lower back.

Foot Problems can be natural or due to injury but your physician will need to rule out foot problems as a cause of hip pain first. You will be surprised to find that bringing the foot back into proper alignment through treatment may solve all your hip pain. The use of custom foot orthotics or arch supports is a very effective treatment for structure foot problems.

Regardless of the origin of hip pain, treatment will be similar to the treatment of other joint problems. A proper diagnosis must be made and a treatment plan developed. Treatment may be as simple as rest to reduce inflammation or a surgical may be required as a last resort. A common sense approach for prevention is also recommended. Make sure you are allowing your body to rest, exercise to keep the muscles strong and use properly fitted footwear while active. If you are feeling pain, avoid the activity and seek medical advice and do not be surprised if your podiatrist holds the solution for your hip pain.

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